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Video to GIF

Ever wanted to convert a video into a GIF?!
Probably not... but I'm going to show you how anyway!

So let's begin,

(Warning, the media on this page comes to 66MB and the majority is of GIF files, your PC may slow down.)

I'll be using the 4k version...

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H.264 is a great codec, ofcourse it's been superceeded by it's more powerful brother H.265 but it's still very much in use and certainly will not be going away anytime soon, so there's no reason to abandon it yet.

Since the internet is full of guides for H.264, there's little to no point in me creating another one, instead we'll go through the process of creating a batch file which will give us a multi-use ability to convert any video we want into a high quality, or low quality it's your choice, video file using the H.264 codec, plus some audio, all using FFmpeg.

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So during making some guides, I thought to myself; I use a rather specific setup and not everyone will be the same and most likely be confused by what I'm going on about. So maybe I should tell everyone how I've got FFmpeg setup and it might just make life easier for those reading any guides on this site.

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So the first post, and I suppose a sort of "making of", for Test-Videos, in this post I'll be explaining the process of making the videos found on the Big Buck Bunny MP4s Page.

Instead of going through all the different containers, I will only focus on the Big Buck Bunny MP4s Videos, while I could go through all the different contains, only slight adjustments are required for actually using a different container so there is no real benefit in covering them all.

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