New AV1

That's right, AV1 is starting to become available for use!
Go here to find them!
Granted I'm a little slow at actually getting them on here... but better late than never as they always say.

But anyway, you should hopefully start to see (slowly) AV1 test videos appearing under Big Buck Bunny and Jellyfish.
I've started with BBB, once complete I will move on to Jellyfish.

Update: Complete lie there!
As you may have noticed I actually moved onto Sintel.
Jellyfish is not a priority, for no particular reason other than not having any time to complete it, I may move onto other codecs/containers/movies, depends entirely on how I feel, sorry the inconvenience...

As of writing, all of the Big Buck Bunny 360p versions are complete and ready for immediate use, as anyone who's looked into encoding their own AV1 videos, you'll know how slow the FFmpeg encoder implementation is at doing this, there are apparently faster versions available but for the sake of keeping everything similar I will be battling it out with FFmpeg, so it will most likely take a while before all resolutions are available.

For anyone interested in what arguments I'm using, this is it:

-cpu-used 6
-auto-alt-ref 1
-lag-in-frames 16
-arnr-max-frames 15
-arnr-strength 2
-movflags +faststart

I only change -cpu-used for different resolutions, simply due to long encoding times, even for a 10 second video...
360p: -cpu-used 4
720p and 1080p: -cpu-used 6 this is just to help increase encoding speed.

Now I know the settings I am using may not be the best, I have only played around with AV1 very slightly, enough to actually start getting the files ready for use on here, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know, I'm always up for comments and feedback on my encoding knowledge.

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