So during making some guides, I thought to myself; I use a rather specific setup and not everyone will be the same and most likely be confused by what I'm going on about. So maybe I should tell everyone how I've got FFmpeg setup and it might just make life easier for those reading any guides on this site.

Quick Guide

  • I download FFmpeg for Windows
  • Extract the contents of that file using 7-Zip, of course you can use whatever you like.
  • Move the main ffmpeg.exe binary file, (you will find it in the bin folder) to any folder you like, I use C:\FFmpeg.

and well that's pretty much it, you're good to go!

Then all batch files I create end up in the C:\FFmpeg folder, this means that when ffmpeg is called from the script, it calls it from the same location as the script itself, this also makes your scripts slightly more portable by packaging FFmpeg with it, although you probably shouldn't do this unless it's for personal uses.

Remember you don't have to have this same setup, it's just how I do it and may help in understanding how it all works.

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